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Jan. 15th, 2010

Reply to this meme by yelling 'WORDS!', and I will give you five words that remind me of you.

Then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you.

l27_homiet gave me Songwriting, R-Pattz, LA, Benji, and paparazzi.

Songwriting-okay so i've been writing songs since i was probably 8 years old, the first one i ever wrote was about....a rainbow. yes, i know, a fucking rainbow? i was 8, gimme a break! i've wanted it to be my profession ever since then. i can write a song about almost anything. i worked at a movie theater and when i worked in concession, i had to put the pretzel bites on cookie sheets and heat them up, so while i poured the pretzel bites, i would sing to myself, and i wrote a song about the pretzel bites.....i'm a weirdo, but i'm okay with it.

RPattz-all right, so you've probably heard of this guy. well fuck Edward Cullen. this guy can do SO MUCH MORE than sparkle for 13 year old girls. he's truly a great actor in his other films (How To Be, Little Ashes,The Bad Mother's Handbook, The Haunted Airman, and Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire), and i'm so excited for his upcoming projects (Remember Me, Bel Ami, Unbound Captives, and of course Eclipse) because they will give him so much more respect in Hollywood.  i was so moved by his performance as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes that i dedicated a song to him during my first paid gig this past year, and i cried because i can't speak about people who are important to me without doing so.

LA- the city of my dreams, i've wanted to go there since i was about 15, and i finally got to go there the summer after i graduated from high school. it was magical. i visited so many of the places i'd always heard about. we went to Fred Segal and i'm not kidding, i saw Cameron Diaz! (and we talked her out of buying a truly heinous angora sweater...whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed). okay so i didn't talk to her, but i saw her. she wasn't with anybody, she was just by herself and i admired that. i also visited Marilyn Monroe's crypt where she's buried and i got so worked up that i forgot to put my red lipstick on to kiss it, but i kissed it anyway. my eyes are so red and puffy in the pictures, but i don't really care. all that mattered to me was that i went and paid my respects, shed some tears, and said hello to my favorite lady.

Benji- oh God, where do i start? i've been a fan of Good Charlotte since i was about 13 years old, and Benji Madden became the coolest guy in the world to me through his interviews and their music. he's one of the funniest, most intelligent, sexiest and all around greatest guys you could ever meet. the entire band cares so much about their fans that they've written several songs including Hold On, Broken Hearts Parade, and March On that are directed at us as fans to let us know that they've got our backs and they understand us because they've gone through everything that we have. Benji made a speech before they played Hold On at one of their first concerts that i went to, and because i'd struggled with the issues that the song brings to light, i cried so hard because this was my favorite guy basically telling me that he was glad that i was still there that night, along with everyone else in the room, and i needed to hear that so badly. anyone else in the band could have made that speech and it wouldn't have had the same affect on me, but because Benji did it, i was completely moved, and it gave me new inspiration to not let other people affect my self esteem. i respect him very much, i'm very proud of him and the rest of the band, and i admire him greatly.

paparazzi- i fucking hate them. there is absolutely NO REASON for their existence. they say such nasty and indecent things when they're videotaping the celebrities that they stalk, and half of them are illegally in the country! all they do is take pictures which they'll sell to a tabloid who will post the picture along with a falsely scandalous story to make money, and it's disgusting. i think their behavior needs to be made illegal. they nearly killed Nicole Richie, thank God her kids weren't in the car or i'd have raised hell. the majority of them are ex convicts with poor driving skills that nearly get people killed, and we don't need that in the world. our culture is too invasive and demanding of people who are in movies and on the radio, and i think if there wasn't such a need by our culture to know who is dating who, and who cheated on who, and who was seen snorting what at a club, then we wouldn't have a need for paparazzi. they're like vultures.



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Jan. 16th, 2010 05:21 am (UTC)
I have hope for R-Pattz. Remember Me actually looks kinda good; it puts me in mind of Elizabethtown, except hopefully better. And he has an adorable, if scared-bunny-like, personality.

You really saw Cameron Diaz there?! That's epic! I'm an East Coast girl all the way, but L.A. is very cool. :)

ITASFM about the paps. They're just assholes and have no respect for these celebs as people. I'm proud of my Johnny for going after them with a 2x4 when they were trying to take pics of Vanessa when she was pregnant. :P
Jan. 16th, 2010 05:46 am (UTC)
yeah i really wish Remember Me had come out before Twilight, he's gonna be so great in this, and the script is incredible. i'm so proud of him just from watching the trailer.

yeah we saw her walking into Fred Segal. we saw other people too, but i don't care about them. lol

WHOA he really did that? he's soooo much cooler to me now (as if that's possible!)
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